Saturday afternoon

Based on the interests of participants, Saturday afternoon can be organized alternatively one of these two guided tours.
Payment (probably in cash) will be managed directly with Parma or Busseto tourist agencies on Saturday afternoon.

1. Parma city tour

  • Prices: adults: euros 15,00; from 11 to 18 years old and disabled: euros 8,00; free: under 10
    Discover the historical center of Parma with a two-hour tour accompanied by a local tour guide. The Parma City Tour is
    the new guided walking tour that will let you know the main treasures of the city that have made Parma Creative City for
    Gastronomy and Capital of Italian Culture 2020. The tour starts from Piazza Garibaldi, the heart of the city, and
    continues among the main monuments, with entrance to the evocative Cathedral and the wonderful Baptistery.
    Meeting point: Tourist information office IAT in Piazza Garibaldi 1.
    Duration: about 2 hours – please come 10 minutes before the starting time.
    For information: – The tour is organized and promoted by Parma Informazioni Turistiche with Argante Viaggi.

2. The land of Verdi and Guareschi

  • Prices: euros 7,00 for entrance (casa Barezzi, Theater, Salone Barezzi and Museum Guareschi) + price of the travel
    depending on the number of participants (about 10/20 euro)
    Giuseppe Verdi fascinates not only music lovers but also visitors who are eager to know something about the
    personality of the Maestro, one of the most prominent characters of the 19th century artistic scene.
    The Verdi’s places are in the heart of the lowland area near the river Po starting from Roncole, where one can see
    the birthplace of the Maestro and the church of San Michele where Verdi was baptized, yet the most Verdian town is
    Busseto, whose central square is named after the composer (Piazza Verdi) and it’s surrounded by quaint old-world
    shops, historical buildings and the 13th century fortress, now housing the Town Hall and the Theatre dedicated to
    In Casa Barezzi all the rooms and furnishings speak about the Maestro and give information about his artistic training
    and career, considering that the enthusiastic Antonio Barezzi had encouraged the talent of the young artist, who later
    married his daughter Margherita. Only after his first successful composition, Verdi purchased Palazzo Orlandi, where
    he later lived with the singer Giuseppina Strepponi, after his first wife’s death. Worth a visit is also Salone Barezzi.The Guareschi family ran their owner restaurant for thirty years and in 1995 it become Guareschi house.
    At the ground floor there is on display the exhibition Giovannino nostro babbo with 32 works, photos and drawings; the
    exhibition was created by Alberto and Carlotta in 2008 in occasion of centenary of Guareschi thanks to Fondazione
    Monte di Parma and the Province of Parma.
    At the begin of the visit a short video (10 minutes) realized by Egidio Bandini reads a letter written by Giovannino in
    1964 to some scholars of Civitavecchia.
    The ex kitchen hosts the Guareschi archive with more than 200.000 documents and the documents collected by Club
    dei Ventitrè.
    At the first floor there is the study-centre and the seat of Associazione culturale Club dei Ventitré.
    Meeting point: to be defined
    Duration: travel by bus to Roncole Verdi and Busseto – Busseto – PR – 43011, the whole afternoon
    For information; email: and